Want more out of life? Start by CLEARING CLUTTER!

Adele, a 45-year-old single woman who was obese, desired to lose weight at all costs. She was plagued with angina, diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels and had arthritis in her knees. She had all the right motivations for her to lose weight and appeared very committed. After each session with her holistic psychologist, she left with all the best intentions of exercising daily, preparing healthy meals for herself and going out and meeting new people. Unfortunately, these best intentions only lated until she arrived home after each of her sessions. She arrived at home feeling completely de-energized, would microwave two TV dinners and collapse on the couch in front of the television. She would stay there all evening, sleep all night on the couch and painfully wake up at 6 a.m. to go to work. Needless to say, her energy level was consistently low and self-confidence was even lower. She was in a vicious spiral that was only getting worse. Traditional diets, exercise therapist and psychotherapy all failed to get to the root cause of her health condition.

According to applied kinesiology, it was determined that environmental factors played a significant part in causing her weight problem and depression. It turned out that Adele was a pack rat. She saved everything from last year’s newspapers to utility bills for the last 12 years. Her living environment was chaotic with her kitchen table completely invaded by papers and miscellaneous objects. She had no room to prepare food, let alone eat. Although this environment may appear unliveable to most, to Adele, this was her normal everyday life. It is no surprise that she felt so depressed and continued to gain weight. Her environment was actually toxic to her well-being. Her clutter prevented her from seeing and acting clearly. She couldn’t possibly work on improving herself when her environment was a constant reminder of hr being stuck in her past. In order for Adele to recover, she needed to get some help fro numerous people to clear out the clutter in her home and life. Once she let go of the old, it was almost magical that she started to feel emotionally and physically lighter. Her weight problem is now under control and she is able to enjoy a better quality of life in a healthier home.

Are you like Adele? Do you feel tired, drained, unmotivated in a specific room or place? Do you often get a sense that you can’t wait to leave your space? Do you hold on to objects, clothes, papers and miscellaneous items in the hope that maybe one day you will use them again? Thetruth is taht the items you are hoarding are taking up your precious space, energy, time and money as well as adding stress to your life.

Make the decision to clear out the clutter from you environment. Remember that by giving and letting go of the old, you are making room for new, positive occurrences in your life. As soon as you feel stuck in an aspect of your life it’s time to clear out clutter. Whether you want to have more friends, more money, a new partner, a better job or improved health, start by de-cluttering.

Begin reducing the amount of clutter in your house. Throw it away, give it away, donate it to charity; it doesn’t matter how, just get rid of it. Remember the three golden rules of de-cluttering:

1. If you haven’t used/worn/needed it during the past two years, you don’t need it. Throw it out.

2. Surround yourself only with items that you find enhance your life in some way. If an item doesn’t truly inspire you with its beauty or symbolism…get rid of it.

3. Start small. Plan to clear out one drawer at a time, once a week. Once you start you may want to do more.

Letting to is a powerful action that generates freedom, peace and empowerment. Letting go also attracts abundance and manifestations of what we seek to create. Clearing clutter clears a pathway to personal well-being, authentic communication and a connection to the natural flow of life. Let’s get cleaning.

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