Personal Training


General Population

Whether your goal is permanent weight loss, muscle toning, strength building or enhanced physical performance, I can custom design a program tailored to your personal needs and help you quickly meet your fitness goals.

Baby Boomers

Hey, What happened? Some of us are facing that dreaded number 60. Baby boomer fitness must become an important part of our lifestyle. This includes eating right getting the proper exercise and NO STRESS. Doctors are seeing an increase in injuries to boomers knees, ankles, lower back, and shoulders. One of the best things boomers can do to avoid injuries is exercise regularly.   Don’t think of exercise as an ounce of prevention; its more than that. It is pounds of prevention.

Weekend Warriors

Its a familiar sight across the nation, and it’s becoming known as the weekend warrior syndrome: the once-a-week exerciser who tries to fit a weeks worth of exercise in one day. If you want to increase fitness and avoid injury, you need to fit in small doses of other forms of exercise during the week.

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