Corporate Fitness Training and Consulting

BOSCHMAN FITNESS can help you implement and manage your companies’ fitness program assuring both safe and effective exercise for your most important asset – your employees.

Progressive companies are creating work environments that support their employees’ health and well being through company sponsored fitness programs. Employees who follow an exercise program have more energy and stamina, greater concentration and a more positive mental outlook. They are less likely to get sick, take stress out on colleagues, are more self confident and better leaders.
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What are the benefits of a Total Corporate Fitness program to employers?

A Corporate Fitness program can save a company dollars. Specifically, with fitter and healthier employees, employers see a reduction in absenteeism, turnover, injuries, stress, claims and compensation costs. They also find an increase in morale, job satisfaction, effective teamwork and productivity.

From a long-term perspective, employers reap the benefits of productive satisfied employees (retention) and they develop a reputation for being a good employer (attraction). All that is good for business and contributes to the success of the company. Bottom line, there’s no downside to having a Corporate Fitness program.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Fitness program to employees?

Studies show that employees involved in fitness programs within the workplace feel better, have fewer accidents and injuries, less incidence of illness and disease and more stamina. They lose weight, sleep better and have a greater degree of enjoyment of family, friends and leisure. In addition they handle stress and negative emotion more effectively, have increased job satisfaction and a greater general purpose in life.

What are the savings?

A study undertaken in November 2001 by Atlantic Blue Cross Care, Aventis Pharma and the Atlantic Health and Wellness Institute, report the cost-benefit as a return of $1.64 for every dollar spent on improving the health of employees through comprehensive workplace wellness programs. Participants with higher risk factors offer a return of $2.04 for every dollar spent. For smokers the return is $3.35 for every dollar spent, and for blue-collar workers the return is $3.98.

Why is it a growing trend?

We’re seeing an increase in health care costs and in benefit claims and this is costing companies money. We’re also seeing more stress in the workplace. Stressed employees aren’t as productive and this also has a cost. As a result, employers see Corporate Fitness as a way to prevent health issues which will reduce claims, make for healthier employees and will save the company money. Overall employers are realizing the link between prevention and investing in the health of their staff, to the bottom line and the overall health and success of their companies. In the long run, custom corporate fitness programs save the company money.

Too busy at work to fit exercise into your schedule? Boschman Fitness can come to your work. Cutting out travel time and scheduling your workouts when it’s convenient for you. I provide personal training in your corporate exercise facility or right in your office. I will bring portable equipment if need be. If you’re considering installing exercise equipment for your work place, I can provide expert fitness facility design and consulting.

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